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Alpha Psi Lambda National Inc.
Great Gamma Chapter at Northern Illinois University

Homecoming 2008

Since our beginning at the Ohio State University in 1985, we have provided moral and academic support for our members. Alpha Psi Lambda provides the brothers and sisters with the experience to learn from one another and be enriched through friendships and bonds that are created. It allows for a lifetime of memories to be built and personal skills to be developed.

Alpha Psi Lambda, Inc. is proud of its rich history and the strong people that have shaped the organization to what it has become. Alpha Psi Lambda, Inc is the first co-ed Latino-oriented fraternity in the nation.

Congratulations to our newest addition

Los Inconquistables
Los Inconquistables
April 15,2012 12:10:29 am.
Captain: #299 Samantha "Ariel" Garbacz
#300 Irene "Nyx" Cruz
#301 Aisha "Moonstar" Sandoval
#302 Brayant "Beast" Ruiz
#303 Katy "Leilani" Castillo
#304 Jose "Hawkeye" Hurtado
#305 Monique "Kiyomi" Brown
#306 Andres"Dagnanimous" Luvianos
Anchor: #307 Cristina "Explosiva" Gonzalez


Congrats to our Brother

Mr. Papi Chulo 2012 Juan "Dynasty" Gamon pictured with the ladies of Gamma Phi Omega.

We are more than a fraternity,
somos familia.

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