** Welcome to NIU VSA **

VSA End-of-the-Year BBQ coming soon!

Welcome back, folks! Hope you all enjoyed the Culture Show we hosted! I can tell you that it's a relief to us that everything went so smoothly. But as one of our final hectic events now passes silently into the past, we currently look forward to the warmest of our Spring events (literally). The VSA End-of-the-Year Barbeque will be our way of saying goodbye to all the members who helped make this year such a memorable one. Free food, fun games, and endless sun will be the order of the day! Bring your friends for what is sure to be a great end to this amazing semester.

We'll be hosting this year's festivities at Welsh Park, right along Russel Road. The BBQ will start on Thursday, May 6, at 5:00 PM. Come early and enjoy the company of good friends!

What is the V.S.A.?

The Vietnamese Student Association, V.S.A., is a social/cultural organization officially recognized by the Student Association in 2001 to act as a network for those students interested in Vietnamese culture. In addition to promoting Vietnamese heritage to the NIU campus, VSA also strives in helping its members by acting as a social, cultural, and professional resource.

VSA has five main objectives:

  • Family
  • Organization
  • Culture
  • Unity
  • Spirit

Who Can Join VSA ?

Anyone and everyone. Although our name implies that our organization is only directed toward people of Vietnamese descent, don't let that fool you. We encourage EVERYBODY to join. V.S.A. emphasizes and promotes multiculturalism and welcomes ALL. So JOIN TODAY!

Last Upate on January 11, 2010